Setting up your E-Mail using Mac Default Mail App


If you are accessing your Mail through the web, we strongly suggest you utilize the power of the default Mac Mail app. This will allow you to send and receive Mail without logging in and providing notifications through the Mac operating system.

There are a few instructions, but don't worry – follow the screenshots with the instructions, and within about 2 minutes, you will have your email set up to receive through the Mac Mail App.

Note 1 (below):

If this is your first time setting up your e-mail, you will need the e-mail address and password that was sent from


Adding an Email Account to Apple Mail

Figure MM-01
  • Open Apple Mail and click Mail> Add Account… on the menu bar (Note Figure MM-01 above).
Figure MM-02
  • Select the Other mail account... option and click Continue (Note Figure MM-02 above).
Figure MM-03
  • Enter your name, email address¹, and password¹ (Note Figure MM-03 above), and check to make sure this information is correct before continuing.
Figure MM-04
  • The window should now contain all your information fields (Note Figure MM-04 above). Then, continue by clicking the Sign In button.
Figure MM-05
  • As shown in Figure MM-05 (above), Enter your Email Address¹ in the Username. Then continue by
    • Select IMAP as the Account Type.
    • in the Server for the incoming email field.
    • In the Outgoing mail server field, enter
Figure MM.06
  • As shown in Figure MM.06, all fields will be filled in. You can continue by clicking the Sign In button.
Figure MM-07
  • Select the default apps you want to use with your account(Note Figure MM-07 above) and click the Done button.
As you use a Mac Desktop or Notebook, we assume you may use an Apple Smartphone or Tablet. Click here for instructions on how to receive your email on these devices.
While we suggest you use the provided Mac Apps on your Mac Desktop/Notebook or Smartphone/Tablet, you can click here to access your email from any web browser.